Our Innovation Process


Working Groups

IT, cybersecurity and analytics experts across companies and industries work together to assess applicability, business value and strategic value to ideas and plans.


Technology Development & Validation

Implementing a Define, Build, and Learn cycle, Collaborators get custom, secure IP development and validation.


IP Library & Products

An industry-validated, shared IP library and products provide value and differentiation from other communities where the onus tends to be on businesses to find applicability.

Driven by Member Needs

Fast Moving Services

Rapid innovation services, culture and contracting.

Learnings at Lower Risk & Faster Speed

Catalog of IP and vetted use cases ready to be operationalized by the business.

Hard-to-find Skills & Staff

On-demand access to expert cybersecurity and analytics professionals without added expense.

Access to Technology & Data

Facilitated access to Partner platforms, technologies, and data.

Valuable Outputs

A library of industry-validated IP, use cases, and products
Optimized delivery patterns (e.g. APIs, pre-built models)
Enterprise-level learnings, benchmarking, and maturity
Multi-party collaboration agreements
Shared vision and trusted peer network
A partner ecosystem

Our Latest Innovations

Here are three examples of recent, real-life applications with cross-industry impacts:

Security Analytics

An evolving set of security analytics applications running within our customers’ security practices that help them reduce risk and scale their activities. We detect potentially malicious activities by analyzing multiple big data sets including machine-to-machine transactions, social media, and email to offer greater hunting, reaction, and remediation capabilities.

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Wait Time Prediction

A predictive model, forecasting customer wait times by facility, is benefiting our collaborating companies. Operationalizing analytics-driven predictions to consumers via mobile application improved customer expectation and satisfaction overall. It’s also a representative example of use case, methodology, and innovation with cross-industry reuse for others in our network to consume.

Asset Criticality Scoring

A predictive model built with 3rd party and company data to estimate the physical risk to the public resulting from a catastrophic failure of equipment. The insights are delivered into the asset management workflow to improve resource deployment and management.

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